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By | June 21, 2017

How to link voter ID card number with aadhaar card number through the online

In this article, we are offering details on how to link with voter id to aadhar card. Once, a huge project of linking aadhaar card to connect with the LPG, the government comes up with an attempt voter id to aadhaar card. In this previous day, this aadhaar is seeding is made better more convenient as well as better more than one ways.  This has been started under the name national electoral enroll purification & authentication program. In this recent day, the problem of fake voters is on a rise. This is supposed to aid election commission for creating the election method hassle –free. Link voter id to aadhaar card will aid in linking is with biometrics of the persons.

It wills also eventually lesser down the several types of fake identities in elections.  This will aid in digitizing the elections as well as linking the contact details includes as a mobile number or email id with the voter card. The idea of aadhaar card came from the concept and this is doing its best as well as perfect to create aadhaar card includes the SSN in united America.

There are different types in which you can link to aadhaar card to voter card. You can do it in the online, SMS and a call center. So, you want to link the voter id to aadhaar card, then, you will also try to follow the steps because it will help to get a link used to voter id to aadhaar card. They are listed as given below.

Steps to link voter id with aadhaar

  • You have to visit this official website and this is a link to the national voter’s service website.
  • Enter your personal details as per what is asked in the respective fields. You can click on the select search button.
  • Whether your record is avail, it will also reflect your EPIC number and voter id number.
  • And you can click on the option of feeding aadhaar card number is found there and click on the choice. Then, you can enter the details in the specified fields.
  • You should fill aadhaar card number, mobile number as well as many others numbers.
  • After the completing the process, you will get a message for suggesting successful registration

Hence, these are the easy as well as simple steps that will help to link the voter id to aadhaar card from the online process.

voter id link with aadhar card  SMS

Send voter id number and uid number to 51969 in below format.

ECILINK <EPIC Number> <Aadhaar number>
e.g. ECILINK IJH3456780 123456789123


aadhar card link to the voter card online status

You can update aadhar number with voter id on national voters service portal NVSP

search for your voter id by name DOB, see the voter id aadhar feed status if not seeded. you can seed aadhar number online at NVSP Portal.

Feed voter id card with Aadhar by Toll-free

call ECI Toll free number 1950 follow the IVR and Tell the custoimer care about UID Number and Voter id card number



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