Aadhar linking to PAN LPG, bank, ration card, pf, voter id, pension etc

By | August 27, 2017

Aadhaar card linking to gas, bank, ration card, pf, voter id, pension etc.Access the simple steps for linking aadhaar card to gas connection is important for the folks to update their status is getting an Aadhaar card to your LPG gas connection. In fact, there are plenty of procedures are available for the customers to get their direct connection to their Aadhaar card forever. This process is done after linking the aadhaar card to the bank account.


Aadhar linking to LPG

In addition, there are lots of processes are available for grabbing the account details which consists of detailed descriptions of the number of your Aadhaar linking to LPG  details. It has a perfect connection with aadhaar card by using the online mode and also via offline mode. In addition, you can make use of any methods which is listed in certain aspects for determining the aadhaar card to have the link for gas connection. While using the SMS, you can avail link between the aadhaar connections to own it.

Before getting the connection to the link with aadhaar card, you need to follow the simple procedure for making the connection with the proper gas connection. Most often, this will consist of a wide range of linking forms that are suitable for eligibility to get a gas connection forever.  At first, you need to acquire form filling procedure which is available from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas website. It must come with proper justification towards applying the link for the aadhaar gas connection.

LPG Aadhar application form

Note: LPG subsidy will Not be credited until you update adhar number with the bank account.

What happens when the scheme starts? As soon as you book your first gas connection, you may receive an amount equivalent to the subsidy in your bank account. This will have an advance subsidy that you use for buying the cylinder with the non-subsidized price.
After booking the first cylinder, the second time of booking also deposited again to your bank. It is a subsidy for the next cylinder you book it.
Of course, this will continue for nine cylinders in a year. After nine cylinders, you will be eligible for the subsidy only in the next year. So, you need to get a proper gas connection which is linked with aadhaar card to use it.


Click on the link which has links with the bank and pr the duces form in a new tab to browse it. It has to download the form automatically with ease.  You can also take the forms from your LPG distributor to check the form without any issues. Moreover, this will useful for filling the LPG gas register form which acquires the 12 digit number in the form. On the other hand, you have to attach a copy of aadhaar card when submitting the form to the bank.

Link Aadhar card with PAN Online / SMS

Seeding aadhar number with PAN is very simple. it can be done by sending

SMS to 567678 or 56161 in below format.

UIDPAN<12 digit Aadhaar><10 digit PAN>

Example: UIDPAN 3421342112341234 AAAAAE12EE

link aadhaar card to pan card online at incometaxindia.gov.in

Login to https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/  on the profile settings, link aadhar option will appear to click on that.

Name, DOB, Gender, from Pan details automatically fetched by IT website then enter aadhar number in the form authorized with OTP.

aahar seeding with the pan without login or register with income tax India portal.


Enter PAN, Name, and Aadhar after authorizing with mobile number OTP.

Seed Aadhaar to PAN here

benefits: easy to file tax returns for GOI avoid multiple pan cards and tax evasion.



Link your bank account to Aaadhar card:

The consumer who has registered in the LPG has to fill the form and submit it on the due date. This is done by using the form 2 and hence useful for submitting to the authority. Obviously, the distributor has checked the bank account and you need to produce voter ID, Driving License which is meant for the verification process.  If you have submitted the form personally at the bank, an acknowledgment slip will be handed over to you and check the application is safe or not.

How can I link my Aadhar card with the bank account?

How can I know my Aadhaar number linked with the bank account?

  1. Just type *99*99# from your registered mobile number.
  2. Enter 12 Digit Aadhar Number and click on Send.
  3. If aadhar already seeded with the bank account you get the success message.
  4. If you not seeded you can seed aahar number with the mobile number.

for phone banking if aadhar updated

Update aadhar in SBI Account using Netbanking

we can update aadhar by the visitng bank but the online facility is there any SBI aadhar form seed is available form our website.

Login to sbi net banking from the left side menu you will see link aadhar card. then click aadhar option enter uid number and confirtm it by OTP.

the same process applies for updating pan card with SBI.

Link aadhar Number in ATM machine

just insert the debit card in ATM machine and select aadhar registration, then enter aadhar number and confirm. the bank will verify by Ekyc of Aadhar portal. bank staff also call you for confirmation

Seed Aadhar number by SMS SBI

UID (space) Aadhar number (space) Bank Account number to 567676.

UID 123456789012 32544884244 TO 567676.



Aadhaar linking to voter ID

visit the voter id link with aadhar Card Portal http://electoralsearch.in/.

Search your details by name and constituency or EPIC Number/voter iD Number.

After finding your details you could see the Feed Aadhar Number Option.

Click on the option Enter the following details

  1. Name In Aadhar card
  2. EPIC Number or Voter ID Card Number printed on the voter id card.
  3. 12 Digits Aadhar Number.
  4. valid Mobile Number and email Address and click on submit.

link voter id with aadhar nvsp

aadhar link to ration card

it depends based on State unlike UP (Uttar Pradesh) other states not so popular due to low population than UP.

aadhar number update in rasan card done by officials at Revenue offices. But with 1 year this facility available online.

check state official Food security websites for more information on ration card status.

aadhaar seeding/link status

The easiest way to know whether aadhar linked or not by service disconnection. Example if adhar is seeded then no gas subsidy credited to the bank.

no pension. No IT rerun without UID Number. linking aadhar to Voter id card is now optional.

we have to visit the particular website to check aadhar linking status but not from adhar portal.

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