Why we need mAadhar app by Uidai Features, Pros, cons of aadhaar

By | October 17, 2017

download the aadhaar app and carry your aadhar card along with your update, download on mobile share KYC, lock biometrics with POS with mAadhaar app.


How to download & use Maadhaar App?

  1. First, download the aadhaar app from google play store (m aadhar app).
  2. After installing the M aadhaar App it will ask you to create a password, it should be 8-12Digits (Alphanumeric, Small, capital letters, and symbol).
  3. Authorize Your device and Mobile Number with OTP (it should be done automatically).
  4. Then Madhar app connects to uidai and downloads the Aadhaar profile internet connection requires.
  5. if your Mobile number linked to your family members aadhaar card then up to 3 profiles can be downloaded on the same device.
  6. Aadhaar profile accessible from only device remaining would be deleted automatically.


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mAadhar app Features

  1. Lock/Unlock Biometics (if you lock the biometrics you will not able to verify aadhaar by fingerpint and IRIS scan).
  2. Carry aadhaar card anywhere within your mobile.
  3. Share QR code to provide KYC to merchants.
  4. Update aadhaar data on the mobile with TOTP (time based 0tp)
  5. download the Aadhaar card your mobile also known as Aadhaar profile.

Why we need Aadhaar App?

Presntly this app have 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 active installs on android devcies.

forget about benefits using this app maybe a bit complex. here i am explaing my experince with the app.

i have crearted profile and used for a while, locked biometrics. after that i am unbale to verify the aadhar detrails on POS vodafone for mobile number link with aadhaar number.

tried 10 times but worked. each attempot i am getting email alert abouth this.

Finally i deleted my aadhaar profile on Maadhaar app and uninstalled it. But still it not worekd with vodafone. then i went for JIO portability there its worked fine. so problem with vodafone not from the maadhaar app.


aadhar card update, 


also, check out aadhaar payment app

download here mAadhar app



This is the whole story of Aadhaar App, BHIM or aadhar payment helps the littble bit more than it in daily life. Please do comment on the form if any issues with that.

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